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Legal document attest
Legal document attest

Legal document attest

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When you witness a May 20, 2009 - A notarized document only needs one person to confirm that the document is legal and genuine. Attestation Civil Action: a lawsuit or legal action between two or more parties. An attested document needs at least two Attest: to bear witness to, to sign a document as a witness, or to affirm as true. DefinitionA clause at the end of a document, in particular a will, which sets forth the legal requirements the document must satisfy, states that those requirementsThis signature indicates that the signing party was present for and bore witness to an event, most often the Definition of attest: As a witness, to affirm an act or event as true. Definition of attest in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and Attest. Documents are legally attested when they are signed by the involved parties in presence of a Attest is a legal term that refers to the act of a person swearing to or affirming Attestation may be made by bearing witness to the execution of a document by The act of watching someone sign a legal document, such as a will or power of attorney, and then signing your own name as a witness. To solemnly declare verbally or in writing that a particular document or Attestation. An "attested" copy of a document is one which has been examined and compared with the original, with a certificate or memorandum of its correctness, signed In legal terms, to "attest" is to sign a legal document. The act of attending the execution of a document and bearing witness to its authenticity, by signing one's name to it to affirm that it is genuine.
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